2021 ILEA Virtual Summit – Northeast Wisconsin Technical College 8-Week Advantage from PCC on Vimeo.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College transformed its college structure from fifteen-week semesters to eight-week sessions to boost student success and add flexibility for access. What sets NWTC’s transition apart, however, is that the College chose to go beyond simply compressing classes. Focused on credential completion by all students enrolled in a career pathway and on the closing of success gaps for learners from every background, culture and ability, the College intentionally used the redesign to build in new best practices college-wide, improving instruction and services for our students. 

The 8-Week Advantage project is a college-wide system reboot, done with purpose.

Learn more about 8-Week Advantage: youtube.com/watch?v=XFdnWOZi3yE&ab_channel=NWTCTube