Why work for us?

The Partnership for College Completion (PCC) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a state where equitable opportunities to access and complete a college education leads to greater degree attainment, racial equity, and socioeconomic mobility for Illinoisans. PCC champions policies, practices, and systems that increase college completion and eliminate degree completion disparities for low-income, first-generation, and students of color in Illinois – particularly Black and Latinx students.

Available Positions

Director of Policy and Advocacy
PCC is hiring a passionate individual to serve as primary manager of a team of four, leading internal projects and initiatives, as well as serve as an external representative of the organization to elected officials, college and university leaders, Board and investors, and other organizational partners. The ideal candidate will have 8-10 years of experience, along with 5+ years of experience managing people doing lobbying or policy advocacy for social justice, racial justice, or within an educational organization. Read more to apply →

Equity Program Manager
PCC is looking to hire an Equity Program Manager to work alongside our College and University Partnerships team to support and serve as a primary organizational interface between PCC and colleges and universities that are working to aggressively eliminate graduation disparities on their campuses and create transformational change to ensure all students, staff, and faculty can learn and succeed. Read more to apply →