At the Spring Summit, it was announced that the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Postsecondary Data Partnership will be the mechanism by which ILEA colleges and universities share data with the PCC as part of the Initiative. The Postsecondary Data Partnership is a new effort administered through NSC to help colleges and universities more efficiently gain a fuller picture of student momentum, progress and outcomes, meet various reporting requirement, and focus more of their resources on using their data to help students. As the data shared through the Postsecondary Data Partnerships mirrors reporting for ILEA, there will be no additional or supplemental data that institutions will be required to provide outside of NSC, as had been originally communicated to each team.

ILEA core team and Institutional Research colleagues have been sent detailed information and required documents for sign-off, which are also now available on the ILEA web portal and through the link below. For purposes of this partnership, the PCC is the 3rd party that each ILEA institution will give permission for the NSC to share disaggregated data with. Through the link below, you will find all of the forms that need to be reviewed and signed by each institution as the first step in this process, which include:

  1. Addendum to your current agreement with the NSC
  2. RT addendum if your college/university would like to participate in reverse transfer
  3. PDP 3rd Party authorizes NSC to share data with 3rd parties (name PCC)
  4. Exhibit B gives authorization to the 3rd parties (name PCC) to have access to the aggregated data dashboards; Exhibit C gives authorization to the 3rd parties (name PCC) for de-identified individual analysis ready file.

Download the Forms Here

Access PDP website
View video tutorials of PDP data dashboards

Please submit forms to Michelle Blackwell at with Lisa Castillo at on copy by June 1. While NSC recommends institutions submit 3-5 years of baseline data, PCC is encouraging ILEA institutions to submit at least 3 years of baseline data before the current reporting period closes in June. ILEA members who submit all signed forms and submit at least three years of historical data will be eligible to participate in a workshop with their data in the NSC dashboards at the 2019 ILEA Fall Summit. Additionally, those institutions will be entered into a drawing for a contribution (of at least $1,500) to your Student Emergency Fund. Please let your PCC Program Manager know if you plan to submit by the June 27th deadline or if you will submit in September.

A recording of the May 9th webinar about the details of this partnership will soon be available in the ILEA Portal.