NSC has updated the data intake file process for the Postsecondary Data Partnership and has asked us to make sure all our institutions are aware. Some of the most consistent feedback NSC has received from the pilot institutions regarding the submission process is that the method in which Terms are defined in the questionnaire and then referenced in the data file and dashboards can be confusing. This had lead to complications and sometimes multiple conversations with PDP Service. We have updated this process to alleviate these concerns. In the Data Intake File that you will use for data submission in September 2019, the PDP will both standardize the terms and directly collect the respective term dates in the data files.

NSC has published an update to the Submission Guide that highlights this change on the PDP Website. Please remember that these new data intake files will be the only valid file format starting in September submission. As you get started coding for your data for submission, please refer to the updated Submission Guide and new data intake file templates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to:

If you are still working on getting the agreement signed for your institution, keep in mind that while your data submission window will open in September, NSC should receive your signed agreements as soon as possible.

Please remember to copy Lisa Castillo Richmond at when submitting your signed forms to the NSC.