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​Date & Time ​Presenter(s) Description
​February 11, 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm

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​Jordan Herrera

Director of Social Services and the
Advocacy Resource Center – Amarillo

​Eradicating Student Poverty Barriers Hindering Academic
Success at Amarillo College

This webinar will present Amarillo College’s systematic
approach to addressing poverty barriers. AC’s No Excuses Poverty Initiative is the connector between campus programs, services and projects designed to support students, boost graduation and transfer, and increase student persistence. AC’s Advocacy and Resource Center is the hub of our initiative. Growing from serving less than 1.5% of our student enrollment in 2012, the ARC assists 21% of our student enrollment in 2018. During academic year 2017/2018, the ARC assisted nearly 2,000 students in over 5,000 student visits. Even with this remarkable growth, AC continues to revolutionize our initiative by using data analytics and technology to drive social services connections before students even begin classes.
​March 11, 2020
12:00pm – 1:30pm

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​Bridgette Johnson

Director, Black/African American
Cultural Center – Colorado State

​Leading Equity-Minded Success for Black students at Colorado State University

This webinar will present the Black/African American Cultural and Center’s approach to holistically serving Black students using its 4-prong approach: cultural programming, academic enhancement, mentoring, and leadership development. During this webinar, Bridgette Johnson (Director) will highlight specific programs that have positively impacted retention for Black students at CSU. Additionally, the webinar will describe the amazing opportunities and contextual challenges that come with leading a Cultural Center for Black students. Cultural Centers were created to serve specific student groups, thus, equity in student success is their mission. This webinar will present one center’s approach to holistically serving Black students using culturally responsive programming and university partnerships.

​April 22, 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm

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​Lydia Mantis

Undergraduate Instructional Support
Leader – National Louis University
Phuong Thai-Garcia, Undergraduate
Instructional Support Leader –
National Louis University

​Supporting Student Learning through Faculty Coaching at
National Louis University

This webinar will present National Louis University’s Undergraduate College (UGC) faculty coaching model. Participants will learn about the history of UGC, its commitment to college access and career pathways, the classroom visit and debrief model, and how insights gained from this process drive faculty professional development. Learn how this mode develops responsive instructors who engage a wide range of learners.