Dear PCC Community:

As we approach the end of another year, we reflect on the incredible momentum that continues to build across all of our mission priority areas at the Partnership for College Completion (PCC). Our dedication to increasing college completion rates and eliminating disparities for students from low-income households, first-generation students, and students of color (particularly Black and Latinx students) has never wavered. And PCC has been at the forefront of a movement in the state to address these historic inequities.

Your support is crucial in our efforts.

Policy & Advocacy

Your contributions help us champion bold policy action in Illinois higher education, making colleges and universities more affordable, accessible and student-ready. From significant increases in the Monetary Award Program (MAP), to efforts to address inadequate and inequitable distribution of appropriations to colleges and universities, PCC is making strides on issues that have plagued our state for decades.

Research + Data

PCC elevates the discourse about inequities across our higher education system and proposes accessible solutions to these longstanding challenges through data-driven research, shedding light on issues that demand public awareness. This year, PCC published reports that addressed adequacy-based state funding for higher education and recommendations for institutions and elected officials post affirmative action. In the coming year, PCC will publish reports on equity in Illinois community college funding, the Illinois Equity in Attainment Initiative, an update on implementation of Illinois’ Developmental Education Reform Act, and more. 

College and University Partnerships

Fostering deep partnerships with institutions committed to equity and improved student outcomes is a cornerstone of our work.

Students for Equity

We center our work around students, giving them a voice, and striving for positive change in their college experiences. From participatory action research projects with students, elevating their voices in podcasts and written reports, to our Student Advisory Council, PCC works closely with students in shaping all of our programming and action.

By giving today, you’re not just making a donation–you’re joining a movement. You’re becoming part of a community that believes in a thriving, accessible, affordable and equitable higher education system. Your support impacts students, communities and Illinois’ future prosperity. Join us in powering our work in 2024; all gifts made this season will be generously matched up to $100,000.

Donate Today

Thank you for your partnership and support in championing higher education equity.

With gratitude,

Lisa Castillo Richmond; PCC Executive Director 
Dr. Douglas E. Wood; Chair, PCC Board 
Dr. Wil Del Pilar; Chair, PCC Development Committee