• Policy Recommendations – Transfer

    Policy Recommendations – Transfer

Create an environment to maximize student success

  • Our institutions can drive transfer student degree completion by creating a campus culture that serves transfer students and supports student success behaviors.
  • Provide support to students to choose a major or field of study by the time they reach 30 credit hours.

  • Encourage community college students to enroll in math prerequisites in their first year and complete their associate degree prior to transfer.

  • Encourage community college students to complete their associate degree prior to transfer.

Institute a statewide reverse transfer system

  • All students should receive credit where credit is due. Through reverse transfer, students can combine credits earned at both the two- and four-year institution to meet associate degree requirements. As a result of reverse transfer policies and practices, students hold credentials that accurately reflect their educational attainment and states benefit from a more competitive workforce.
  • Require all institutions of higher education to participate in the creation and implementation of a reverse transfer system.

  • Create a system to identify, notify, and request consent from eligible university students who are nearing the completion of associate degree requirements.

  • Create a process for transcript review and degree conferral for qualifying students.

Ensure students have the information and resources they need to succeed 

  • The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) and MyCreditsTransfer tool provide transfer students with important information and resources to foster seamless transfer pathways and should be adequately funded to ensure continued maintenance and expansion. While the IAI and MyCreditsTransfer tools are an important resource in the transfer student tool kit, these systems alone will not ensure a seamless pathway for all students. By creating partnerships between 2- and 4-year institutions we tear down silos and create easily navigable bridges for our transfer students.
  • Provide clearly mapped transfer pathways between two-year and four-year institutions for all degree programs.

  • Implement and scale dual advising partnerships between two-year and four-year institutions.

  • Review financial aid programs to ensure current programs advance transfer student success.

  • Ensure stable funding for the expansion of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) and MyCreditsTransfer tool.

  • Incentivize institutions to admit and provide targeted supports for transfer students.

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