• Policy Recommendations – Remedial Education

    Policy Recommendations – Remedial Education

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Implement and expand co-requisite and other evidence-based developmental education approaches

  • There is a growing body of evidence that current placement measures, including entrance exams and standardized test scores, are poor indicators of student success in college-level math and English. As a result, many students who would otherwise succeed in college-level coursework are being funneled into developmental classes – and many aren’t making it out. Implementation of evidence-based assessment measures, coupled with co-requisite support, will decrease current points of attrition.
  • Implement a uniform statewide process that includes multiple measures to evaluate remedial course placement.

  • Set a target date for statewide scale of co-requisite support.

  • Incentivize accelerated developmental education pathways.

  • Eliminate high stakes exit exams.

Offer opportunities to acquire skills proficiency prior to college matriculation to reduce the need for remediation in college

  • Support statewide implementation of Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Act’s transitional math pathways.

  • Incentivize postsecondary and high school partnerships that improve access to dual enrollment and dual credit opportunities.

  • Offer comprehensive support programs for students who need additional supports.

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