• PCC Supports

    PCC Supports

The Partnership offers ongoing and regular support to ILEA colleges and universities through structured group and individual engagements and by responding to partner institutions’ requests to advance campus-based efforts.

The Partnership supports ILEA institutions by:

  • Cultivating a network of partners to support the development and implementation of strategic plans to close completion gaps and improve graduation rates
  • Building, staffing and regularly convening Communities of Practice identified by ILEA colleges and universities on a range of topics and groupings, such as by policy and practice change effort, institution type, size and nature of completion gaps, by position or functional area across institutions.
  • Identifying, documenting, and sharing successful efforts from the cohort, region, state and nation
  • Recognizing and celebrating progress and milestone attainment
  • Securing a collective $1 million in new philanthropic funding to support these efforts, while also identifying other relevant and collaborative funding opportunities
  • Create opportunities for higher education leaders to engage as desired in collective action in areas such as public policy, increasing awareness about this work among key stakeholders, national recognition and collaborative grant opportunities.


Network of Partners

The Partnership is part of a national network of partners whose services, expertise and insights are leveraged to support the development and implementation of ILEA members' equity plans in service of their 2025 goals. These partnerships will evolve over time, based on the needs of ILEA colleges and universities.

Achieving the Dream

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