• Developmental Education Crisis: Issues and Solutions

    Developmental Education Crisis: Issues and Solutions

Developmental education was intended to be a pathway to college-level coursework.

For most students, it has become a dead end.


Nearly 50% of Illinois' high school graduates who enroll in community colleges are placed into developmental education in at least one subject.
Time and Cost

Time and Cost

Every year students attempt more than 400,000 developmental education credit hours, costing them and the state millions of dollars while rarely counting toward a degree.


According to ICCB data, only 19% of Illinois community college students placed in developmental education will complete their degrees.

Multiple measures reduces over-placement, and co-requisite remediation delivers in-time supports for students who need them.
Take Action

Waiting even one more year means another 60,000 students will be enrolled in developmental education, most of whom will never advance to college-level coursework.

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